Hello from an ex army reservist, 10/27 Bn

Leopard Tank

I am writing to you guys of this paper, it is going well I used to get it on parade nights & read some stuff in it & nothing compares it.

As I have spoken I am old 10/27 Bn man.

Can someone tell me how many diggers & diggerettes are in this fine Bn please.

Someone told me it is only Coy size.

Back in my day we had 20 in our platoon as we were @ El Alamein Army Camp, 10 klicks from Port Augusta.

Our training ground was Cultana. We trained there on many a day.

I believe it is changing for the good.

Where we saw plenty of  ‘Choppers’ back in the day, the old “HUEYS” the workhorse of that era they were used in Vietnam & we trained in them back then.

Now the new boy on the block is the “black hawks,” now known as ‘Helios”.

The M113a we trained in them APCS, ASLAVS, & the mighty ABRAMS tank, we used to see the “LEOPARD” go through their paces back in our day.

They were great days, really loved it, I was an L/CPL back in them days.



FILE PHOTO: Leopard tank. CONTACT believes this photo was taken by Corporal Jason Logue (but it it’s listed as ‘unknown’ on the Defence image gallery. It’s also titled “10 June 1976 Sinai Tank.jpg”, which is obviously wrong. CONTACT thinks it was Exercise Kangaroo 98).





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