In the canyon of Her chapel, She prays there on Her own

The Monarch of our Commonwealth, now She sits alone

Her children may well comfort Her, through lonely times ahead

All She has are memories, of Her Prince who now lies dead


Problems with Her family, well that’s not something new

At least She had some knowledge, of what we all went through

The joys and pain of child birth, the tears with cloak of death

A Constant Loyal Companion, when He took His last breath


As a child I rose at dawn, to view the Royal Train

And witness the pomp and pageantry, I would never see again

The Anzac was Her escort, guardian of the tour

To ward off any danger and keep the Crown secure


They drove past the gathered crowd, the largest ever seen

Cheering and waving flags, to welcome our new Queen

Mounted police on thoroughbreds, lances gripped in hand

The first visit of a Monarch, to Her strange and distant land


Jets flew over in salute, the Army fired its guns

The Navy blasted sirens, bands beat out their drums

In the spirit of the moment, some posers acted the fool

But the highlight of Her visit, we got the day off school


All that now seems left for Her, is the glory of the past

Visions of the Camelot, we knew that could not last

Sometimes even fairy tales, will one day have to end

The time has come to farewell, Her Husband, Consort, Friend


There is one thing I have learned, from those who have achieved great fame

Whether rich or pauper, we all mourn the same

For people may soon forget, when the wounds of loss do heal

But they always will remember, the way you made them feel


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton 
26 May 2021



CAPTION: Queen Elizabeth talks with members of the ships company of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth on 22 May 2021, just hours before the UK Carrier Strike Group sailed for its first operational deployment. UK MoD Crown copyright. Photo by Petty Officer Jay Allen.





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