The Writings on the Wall

Remembrance Day

Where is this wall we talk about, the one with all the names
By a lake, in a park not that far from Ballarat town
Flags are flying, troops are standing
with their heads bowed down

Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, their names upon this Wall
Forced to work endlessly in a place of living hell
Many did not make it,
they died just where they fell

Those names are on the Wall for all of us to see
Memories of loved ones captured, so we can now be free
They were ordinary people, some heard the final bell
Never to return from that distant living hell

The torture and hardship endured surviving death and pain
No man or woman should ever have to face internment ever like this again
No living human should endure those places of living hell
Hoping they would never hear the tolling of that bell

Every year I visit to remind me of those taken Their names are on the wall
Those eight thousand six hundred men and women who answered to their countries call
The ultimate sacrifice paid by many but remembered by us all
So please take note and remember
“The Writings on the Wall”

By John McCosker


FILE PHOTO: Placing a poppy on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial. Photo by Corporal Nunu Campos.






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