Additional ADF support bound for NSW

Soldiers from Army’s 7th Combat Brigade in Brisbane are on their way to NSW  to boost ADF support to the NSW flood recovery efforts.

CAPTION: Floodwaters around RAAF Base Richmond, NSW. Photo byRADM Robert Plath.

These personnel will join Army Reservists from 41st Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment that deployed earlier this week to the Mid North Coast region as part of Operation NSW FLOOD ASSIST 21-1.

Soldiers from 5th Engineer Regiment, part of the 5th Brigade, are already established further south in Adamstown. In total, Defence’s contribution will be around 350 by the end of today.

7th Brigade elements will assist in expediting the recovery process for local communities in the state’s north. They will work with the 41st Battalion to help return communities to normal life, under the direction of NSW emergency services.

Personnel will support state emergency services in assessing damage, clearing roads and infrastructure of debris, restoration of essential services, sand-bagging and general clean-up.

Defence will continue working with NSW State Emergency Management to ensure the ADF can best support their requirements throughout this difficult period.

Operation NSW FLOOD ASSIST 21-1 was established on 24 March 2021 as Defence’s contribution to the Federal Government’s support to NSW.

The Queensland-based troops will be drawn from across the 7th Brigade, including the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, and the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

The arrival of the Queensland based units will see the number of ADF personnel deployed to the Mid North coast exceed 500 in the coming days. Additional ADF personnel have been supporting the emergency response from RAAF Base Richmond and HMAS Albatross.

Defence is continuing to engage with NSW Emergency Services to understand and coordinate further potential areas requiring support through the Defence Assistance to the Civil Community process.






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