To some we were the girl next door, a sister or a daughter

Who nursed behind the Western Front, in the face of wholesale slaughter

A tragic reminder, was every soldier’s grave

The sixty thousand souls, the ones we couldn’t save


When Australia was on its knees, back in 1941

A chronic manpower shortage, saw its military overrun

Knowing all too well, the perils they would face

Our women put their plans aside and stepped up to take their place


Crimes against humanity, were swept under the mat

Women weren’t to serve in war, but don’t tell the nurses that

When I read their history, I feel my anger mount

For those guilty of their murder, were never held to account


And when the war was over, they found themselves demobbed

After all their dedication, they felt they had been robbed

“We’d like to keep you on they said, but the current rule forbids”

“So, thank you for your service, now go home and raise some kids.”


But the bureaucrats soon realised, they had made a great mistake

The world was not a safer place and they knew what was at stake

Our women were called to serve again, each one in their own branch

There was no task they could not perform, if given half the chance


Bed checks and curfews, were still part of their life

While the males could party all night long, creating so much strife

They did the same job as he men and did it for less pay

No chance to argue, they were told, “It’s always been that way”


For the military to survive, changes had to be made

The braid had no other choice but to banish this charade

They were now free to marry, or have children of their own

For equal opportunity, the seeds were finally sown


So, when you see a warship, anchored in the bay

A fighter jet, or a parade, held on Anzac Day

Don’t be surprised, when you learn, who is in control

Chances are it’s a woman, who can fill near every role


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton

23 February 2021


With apologies to William Shakespeare





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