Limited Edition RAAF Centenary Coin Set

Today, the Royal Australian Mint launched a unique coin collection to commemorate the centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Speaking at the launch of the coins, the Mint’s new CEO Leigh Gordon said collaborations such as with the Royal Australian Air Force continued to help the Mint showcase the important work of Australian organisations.

“Through our coin releases, the Mint aims to commemorate significant events, anniversaries and organisations that are meaningful to the Australian people,” Mr Gordon said.

“Over the past century, the Royal Australian Air Force has made a significant impact on Australia and the Australian way of life.”

Mr Gordon was joined at today’s launch by Deputy Chief of Air Force Air Vice-Marshal Stephen Meredith.

“This series traces the evolution of technological advances in air power and RAAF’s contribution to the Australian Defence Force over the past century,” Air Vice-Marshal Meredith said.

“The Royal Australian Mint coin sets are a fitting way to honour the service and sacrifice of past and present members who have contributed to our growth making us the potent world-class air force we are today and as we look forward to continuing to evolve into the future.”

Acknowledging this historic occasion for the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Australian Mint has produced a collection of eleven 2021 coloured uncirculated coins, featuring a different aircraft on each one.

The collection tells the 100-year story of aircraft innovation and technological advancement in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Iconic aircraft featured on the coins, include the first aircraft, the S.E.A5, all the way through to the most recent F-35A Joint Strike Fighter.

Each aircraft has played a significant role in the safety and security of Australia, including being used in theatres around the world, from World War II and the Vietnam War, to supporting Australia and the global community in humanitarian missions and disaster relief.

The collection also features an exclusive commemorative coin that pays tribute to the 350,000 air force personnel who have served over the past one hundred years.

The Century of Air Power – 2021 Coloured Uncirculated 11-Coin Set is available in a limited mintage of 15,000 sets, retailing for $175.

The coins are Australian legal tender and can be purchased from the Royal Australian Mint’s authorised distributors from today – including the Military Shop, where your purchase will earn CONTACT a small commission.

The Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force has also been commemorated on the Mint’s annual Mintmark Suite.





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