The Reason Why


After A Day at War (South Vietnam, 1969)

In the gloom of each day when it’s dying
Standing to is the normal routine.
A time which I use for reflecting
On what we have done or we’ve seen.

My view it blends with the darkness;
And as daytime gives way to the night,
I review the way that we’re working.
Are we doing this wrong or right?

Did Jim keep his distance from Stan at the creek?
Why was Rod stung by those bees.
And Frank, who found that crossing point
Despite its concealment by trees.

And the cache that we found on the high ground.
The call of a barking deer.
Searching that corpse before burying.
And asking – why am I here?


By Mick Shave


Thanks for your service and mateship:
Private Jim Kelly, national serviceman;
Private Eddy Stankowski, national serviceman;
Private Rod Menhennet, national serviceman;
Lance Corporal Frank Chambers, national serviceman; and





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