DVA will clean the windows I can reach, but won’t clean those I can’t

Thanks for publishing my letter yesterday – Why my Defence doctor sacked me as a patient

Another thing you might find funny…

DVA, as you may be aware, provide ‘HHS’ (Household Services) for Veterans, depending on their accepted claims/conditions.

I, due to my Bi-Lateral Foot Drop and complete nerve damage below the knees on both legs (meaning I have no lower limb strength, balance or proprioception at all), cannot climb ladders or get up on roofs etc like I once could.

I have Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning as part of my accepted Household Services, but have been told that, as I live in a two story house, DVA will cover the cleaning of the ground floor windows only and not the 2nd story windows or the gutters, as they aren’t covered due to being too high.


  1. I can clean the ground floor windows myself as I can reach them, it’s the 2nd story windows and gutters I cannot clean due to my accepted conditions; and,
  2. the DVA-approved window and gutter cleaners have insurance, tools and safety gear to clean 2nd story windows and gutters and do so on a daily basis.

So basically – even though, through my service accepted conditions, I can’t manage to clean the windows on the 2nd floor and gutters myself – and my window cleaner is willing and able to do it for me – DVA are denying my claim for services.

It’s so funny it makes me laugh.



Tim Pickering
via email


FILE PHOTO (September 2008): Leading Aircraftman Nick Atterton cleans the windows on an AP-3C Orion in the Middle East. Photo by Able Seaman Paul Berry.






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