Conspicuous Service Medal for excellence in logistics support and submarine availability

Saying Leading Seaman Simone Henare is committed to hard work and perseverance is an understatement.

CAPTION: Leading Seaman Simone Henare at Fleet Base East, Sydney. Photo by Leading Seaman Jarrod Mulvihill.

Although she works in a logistical role, she cross-trained onto the combat system, achieving endorsement as a track manager and target motion analysis operator.

Leading Seaman Henare was awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal in this year’s Australia Day honours list for “directly impacting submarine availability” through exceptional logistics support.

“I exhausted every available avenue to ensure the boat had the supplies, equipment, spares and provisions they required,” she said.

“I always found a work-around to get the stores they needed to meet operational requirements.”

Leading Seaman Henare said she “loved the responsibility of having ancillary jobs at sea”, as she also qualified to drive the boat during her time on board.

“I had no formal training on the system, but over time I was able to integrate into the watches to help support the crew,” she said.

She said she was “humbled” on learning she would be receiving the medal.

“I just saw it as doing my job and being a part of a team,” Leading Seaman Henare said.





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