Hidden (shock) cost of a DIY demolition job

This job was a long time coming and a long time doing.

I could see the cracks in the wall opening wider year after year.

The trees, beautiful as they were, had to go – and the wall was beyond saving (experts told us so).

Rosie procrastinated on this because she loved the trees and has ‘a thing’ about construction sites (especially about living in one).

BTW, I’ve crammed probably a 100 hours of hard work over about a year
into this 7-minute video. You’re welcome!

I procrastinated because I knew it was a big job, that would make the place look like a construction site for quite a while  – and because I feared removing the castellated wall might damage the ‘grandeur’ of our house.

As it turned out, the house stands even more proud than ever.

We actually got a big shock with the cost of this. We got good quoted from the digger driver and the lawn layers – then set about doing as much as we could ourselves, to save money.

We thought we’d come in under $3000. But, we both felt sick in the stomach when we had to watch 20 tonne of mixed dirt go off to landfill – at $330 a tonne!!!

Anyway, the job’s done, the bill’s paid and the lawn has settled in lovely.


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