AAFC staff prepare for a return to flying operations

Pilot Officer (AAFC) Brie Russell has reported: “On the weekend of 31 Oct-01 Nov 20, Warwick Gliding Training Flight returned to flying operations – but at this stage only for staff recertification and training, following the long break due to COVID-19”.

CAPTION: One of the AAFC’s DG1000S soaring gliders with the Warwick Gliding Club’s Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-25-235 tug. Photo by LAC(AAFC) Tristan Solway.

Aviation Operation Wing is currently conducting a graduated return to flying in order to prepare for and conduct safe and effective aviation operations for the AAFC.

At this time, these activities are for essential staff training only, and do not involve Cadets.

The activities are aimed at ensuring staff pilots have the skills, knowledge, currency and experience required to keep Cadets safe and conduct effective and efficient AAFC aviation operations once approval is given to recommence instructional and experience flights with Cadets.

This opportunity also allows staff to address the COVID-19 Safety aspects of a return to flying operations.

Herself a former Cadet, PLTOFF(AAFC) Russell is Flight Commander of the Warwick Gliding Training Flight.

The flight is a component of the newly established Glider Training School (GTS), which is a subordinate unit of Aviation Operations Wing of the AAFC.

GTS delivers flying pathways to Cadets and staff through gliding experiences and training using the AAFC’s fleet of DG1000S soaring gliders.

Pilot Officer (AAFC) Russell said: “We are looking forward to resuming the development of aviation skills in our Cadets and seeing them grow into skilled pilots”.

With appropriate training and experience Cadets as young as 15 years, the minimum legal age, can fly their first solo flight.





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