Defence removes one from ‘recovered’ list

At some point over the past three days, Defence removed one member from the COVID-19 ‘recovered’ list, resetting the total to 90.

The number of people listed as ‘recovered’ from COVID-19 was previously set at 91, on 30 September.

We are guessing that this re-calculation means that either one person was prematurely listed as recovered (unlikely given the length of time elapsed); one person who had the disease has re-contracted it (in which case, this would be significant news (untold)); or, there was a clerical error (most likely – but took too long to rectify?).

Whichever is the case, Defence didn’t give details – and probably should.

Another ‘significant’ change to Defence’s COVID-19 latest-updates page is the removal of their little black map indicating geographically where COVID-19 cases occurred.

Since its removal would have to have occurred manually, one wonders why it was removed.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 handled within Defence ranks stands at 92, unchanged since Wednesday last week.

You can see a chronological list of all Defence COVID-19 cases, tracked and recorded as best as CONTACT could, here.





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