Defence slips new COVID-19 numbers under the radar – again

Defence added one new confirmed case of COVID-19 to their total today, plus one more ‘recovered’ – all without changing yesterday’s date on their “latest updates” page.

When we checked Defence’s official figures this morning, the “latest updates” page still had yesterday’s date, yesterday’s photo and yesterday’s figures – 75 and 64 respectively – but these figures were changed sometime between 9am and 3pm today, without changing the photo or the date.

The new confirmed case is in Sydney, according to Defence’s little black map, which was also changed today.

Ironically, Defence says its confirmed cases of COVID-19 “to date” are 76, of which 65 have recovered – but the date is not up “to date”.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m not being a nitpicker about this just for the sake of it. I’m being a nitpicker about this because Defence has decided that it is important enough information that they should update us every time there’s a change – but not important enough to actually get the dates right. They’ve also decided (or it was decided for them) that they shouldn’t give out any other information about their COVID-19 cases, aside from the bare facts. AND, since they aren’t giving us any information aside from the barest of facts, we are forced to compose a few sentences of our own just to ‘carry’ the information. Otherwise, there’d be no ‘meat’ whatsoever to put in this ‘story’. Actually, why don’t I deliver the news in all its minimalist glory, with no padding, in my next report – just for the laugh – and to see how many of you actually read this and know what’s going on 😉

P.S. They did change the date and the photo while I was writing all above – so now their “latest updates” page is bang up to date – and I still got to pad out this story with useless nitpicking 🙂  … because there was nothing else to pad it out with.





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