Defence’s COVID-19 stats on the rise again

Following more than two weeks of no new cases of COVID-19 in the Australian Defence Force, the spell has well and truly been broken with four new cases in as many days.

After adding three new cases on Wednesday, Defence slipped another one under the radar today/yesterday, adding their 45th case to the running total sometime after 11.30am yesterday, on a ‘news update’ that was published much earlier, with no indication as to when it was subsequently edited.

Most interestingly, even worryingly, is the fact that two of the four new cases added this week were contracted in Australia.

One case added Wednesday was indicated on Defence’s map as being somewhere north of Sydney, but south of what we have been assuming is Newcastle – and we’d still love for someone to tell us where that is.

The case added sometime yesterday or today has bumped Melbourne’s tally up by one.

Also of note is that the number of cases listed as ‘recovered’ has gone up by two, to 42.


EDITOR’S NOTE TO SELF: With only three cases ‘not recovered’, I took the punt of taking the red-green-mix dot away from the ‘overseas’ tally, in the assumption/hope that Defence actually brought sick servicemembers home for treatment/recuperation. But, I’ve still left five cases marked as ‘overseas’ because I could not deduce where they were brought home to (if they were). Defence is still showing 10 ‘overseas’ on their map, but we have already deduced that four were brought home to Darwin and one to Brisbane.

Isn’t it a shame (or shameful) we have to do this detective work in the first place, instead of Defence just telling us?





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