“Don’t enlist until it’s fixed”

Julie-Ann Finney, mother of former Royal Australian Navy Petty Officer Dave Stafford Finney who committed suicide last year, is encouraging potential Defence recruits not to join the military until the problems of life after service are addressed.

CAPTION: Julie-Ann Finney’s busy schedule at Australia’s Parliament House.


“Last week, our David would have turned 40 years old,” Julie-Ann Finney said. “We threw him a big party.

“I know he would want us all to gather with love and compassion, so we celebrated him, shared stories, and raised some much needed funds for two charities he supported – Menslink and Camp Quality.

“It wasn’t an easy day, but seeing David’s mates and us remembering him as the beautiful, funny man we all love, made it a little easier.

“Friends, I am as committed as ever to this Royal Commission – so much so, I was back at Parliament House this week, meeting with Senators Penny Wong, Marielle Smith, Jordan Steele-John, Pauline Hanson, and of course, Jacqui Lambie.

“I also met with advisors to both Senator Raff Ciccone and Andrew Wilkie MP.

“At every meeting, I explained why we need this Royal Commission, and why the Prime Minister’s proposed office of a commissioner is welcome, but not what we’re seeking.

“A Royal Commission is the only thing powerful enough to truly investigate how we are breaking our bravest, and what we can do to prevent more Veterans from taking their own lives.

“Happy Birthday, David. I remain your proud Mum, always and forever.”

Julie-Ann Finney


If you haven’t signed Julie-Ann’s petition for a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicides, please do consider it.









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