ADF’s COVID-19 up by three – one in Australia

The Australian Defence Force’s accumulating total number of COVID-19 infections to strike our military has been increased by three – one of which was contracted in Australia.

The total number of cases officially ‘recovered’ has also risen to 40.

Two cases were added to the total for ‘overseas’ and one added to the dot on the map somewhere north of Sydney, but south of what we have been assuming is Newcastle.

These three cases were actually added by Defence on Wednesday, but CONTACT missed them, being tied up in CONTACT magazine production (issue 66 due out on 1 June).

As per usual, Defence gave no information, except for adding numbers to its tally and reflecting those on its unlabelled map.

But, doing the math, the latest figures mean Defence is still dealing with four active cases of COVID-19, three of which are new this week and one of which was contracted within Australia, with two contracted somewhere ‘overseas’.

There is no information as to whether the latest (or recent) cases were brought home to Australia, though CONTACT’s gleaning of titbits of info here and there show that at least half have – to Darwin and Brisbane – resulting in graphical discrepancies between CONTACT’s map and Defence’s (with ours being more accurate, more informative and prettier 😉 ).

You can also find CONTACT’s unique, convenient and helpful chronological list of when cases were added and where (to the best of our ‘detective-work*’ knowledge), here.

*Detective work being necessary because of an ‘information lockdown’ on this subject by Defence.






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