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Four bus-loads of weary travellers arriving from overseas via Brisbane Airport today were escorted to hotels in the city to complete their mandatory 14 days of COVID-19 isolation.

CAPTION: Private Rovere-Bray and Corporal Smith, 9th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment, supporting mandatory COVID-19 quarantine arrangements at a Brisbane hotel as new overseas arrivals check in for their mandatory 14 days of isolation after arriving at Brisbane Airport from overseasPhotos by CONTACT stringer Christabel Migliorini. Follow Chrissie on Instagram.

CONTACT photography stringer Christabel Migliorini, who just happened to be nearby when the busses arrived in the CBD – and almost copped a $1500 fine for non-essential travel at the scene – said she thought the passengers were off the Egypt Air 787 flight that arrived around lunchtime today from Cairo via Manila.

Some are now staying at The Westin and some staying at the Four Points next door, which is owned by same company.

Christabel counted 10 soldiers at the scene, but couldn’t tell if there may have been more inside, and said they were chuffed to be photographed, especially for CONTACT.

Approximately 2000 personnel are currently deployed as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist as the ADF’s contribution to the whole-of-government response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

State-by-state breakdown

*Note: Defence says personnel in joint task group headquarters, supporting roles, and those preparing for tasks are included in overall state-based figures but are not captured in the following lists of tasks.

New South Wales – 494 personnel

  • 420 ADF personnel are supporting state police quarantine and self-isolation directions at Sydney Airport, ports, local hotels and residences.
  • 34 personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.

Queensland – 438 personnel

  • 104 ADF personnel are supporting state police with Queensland border controls.
  • 82 personnel are supporting state police self-isolation compliance checks
  • 78 personnel are providing support to Queensland Police to protect Indigenous communities.
  • 21 personnel are supporting state police with the reception of international arrivals at airports.
  • 16 personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.

Victoria – 57 personnel

  • 17 ADF personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.
  • 6 personnel are supporting self-isolation compliance checks.

Western Australia – 253 personnel

  • 153 ADF personnel are supporting Western Australia Police Force border controls.
  • 19 personnel are supporting contact tracing, health support and planning efforts.

South Australia – 36 personnel

  • 12 ADF personnel are involved in planning support.

Tasmania – 131 personnel

  • Following a request for assistance from the Tasmanian Government, the ADF will deploy personnel to Tasmania as part of an Australian Medical Assistance Team-led Commonwealth response. 52 ADF personnel are supporting clinical hospital duties in the state’s north west. More information can be found here.
  • 35 personnel are involved in contact tracing teams.
  • 28 personnel are supporting state police quarantine compliance checks.

Northern Territory – 162 personnel

  • 63 ADF personnel are providing support to Northern Territory Police to protect Indigenous communities
  • 16 personnel are supporting territory police self-isolation compliance checks
  • 6 personnel are involved in liaison and contact tracing teams.

Australian Capital Territory – 59 personnel

  • 10 ADF personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.









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