Julie-Ann Finney’s ANZAC Day message

In 1919, a young man named Thomas Marsh returned from WWI, walked through the main street of Fremantle, and took his own life.

FILE PHOTOS: Thomas Marsh, RIP 1919, and Dave Finney, RIP 2019.

The government of the time did not understand the problem, and so left it to a future government to fix.

100 years later, in 2019, a young Dave Finney drove from ACT to NSW and took his life after 20 years of service.

I cannot speak for the parents of Thomas Marsh, but I can assure you David Finney’s parents will never get over losing their son.

The government of today doesn’t understand the problem, so they will cover it up and leave it up to a future government to fix.

100 years of the same – 100 years of shame.

Lest we forget.

With ANZAC Day upon us again, I will remember with gratitude and love all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and I sincerely thank every past and present defence member for their service.

I love this country and I am incredibly grateful that we experience the freedoms we do (although, it may seem that we can’t enjoy that freedom as intended right now, and I hope you are all safe and healthy in these strange times).

I ask that when you reflect on what has passed this ANZAC Day, that you remember the “Vets we Forget” – those who lost the war at home.

There are too many and they continue to die.

Our bravest deserve solutions, and the only way to do that is through an open and transparent investigation.

In other words – a Royal Commission.

At this point. the Morrison Government offers only a ‘review’ into past suicides.

We have had too many reviews, and they don’t dig deep enough.

Following this review, a new Commissioner will be appointed to fully investigate veteran suicides as they occur.

To this I say – “No, Prime Minister. We don’t need any more suicides, we have enough to investigate fully right now”.

Please click here to share this petition.

Thank you for signing this petition and being with me throughout this journey to a Royal Commission.

Today, I’m asking you to be brave enough to share it in whatever way you can.

This fight is not over.

Our living heroes deserve all of our support with a full and frank Royal Commission.

My heart aches for my son in a way I can never describe.

I’m not the only parent with this feeling.

Lest we forget.

With love, dignity, gratitude and respect,

Julie-Ann Finney
Proud mother of Dave Finney





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2 thoughts on “Julie-Ann Finney’s ANZAC Day message

  • 03/05/2020 at 10:13 pm

    A. Since January 2001, more than 510 former and serving ADF members have successfully killed themselves.

    B. Since January 2001, more than 1000 DVA clients’ (Veterans’) have additionally attempted to kill themselves.

    C. Every review co-opted and shaped by DVA, ADF and Government has since 1919 had four observable objectives:-

    1. Preserve the status quo,
    2. Protect the government insurance institution and those with blood on their hands,
    3. Co-opt and buy the silence of 12 of the largest ESO’s with promises of annual funding for management staff and,
    4. Re-shape and re-label the existing dysfunction by stealth through the creation of new names, titles, labels, authorities and legislation…. and then sell it as the only Koolaid available at the country fair.

    The simple truth is: the proposed Suicide Commissioner (a new ‘Authority’) allows for continued concealment and is just a cunning scheme designed to support the same old four objectives.


  • 28/04/2020 at 7:15 am

    Keep fighting Julie-Ann, I stand with you.


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