Hobart opened to public in Melbourne

The Royal Australian Navy showcased HMAS Hobart last weekend, with an open day in Melbourne.

CAPTION: Able Seaman Electronics Technician Liam Walker talks about HMAS Hobart’s 5-inch gun with attendees of the HMAS Hobart Open Day during a port visit in Melbourne, Victoria. Photo by Able Seaman Jarrod Mulvihill. Story by Lieutenant Ben Willee.

The ship, which is the first of three guided missile destroyers built for the Royal Australian Navy, was in Melbourne as part of Fleet Certification Period 2020 (FCP20).

Involving more than 2000 military personnel, FCP20 is the Royal Australian Navy’s first major training exercise for the year and focuses on mid-intensity, high-end warfighting.

Seaman Boatswains Mate Kyle Mackenzie demonstrated boarding party equipment during the open day.

“I’ve had the full boarding party kit on today, and we are also showing the Tiered Body Amour System,” she said.

“I really enjoy the job, because I have made some great friends and I get to learn how to safely use all sorts of different guns.

“My Dad was a boatswain in the Navy and I used to love coming to open days and seeing the ships, so it’s great to be able to pass it on.”

HMAS Hobart’s capability did not disappoint with more than 2500 people touring the ship during her first visit to Melbourne.

“I’m one of the damage-control team on board,” Able Seaman Marine Technician Geoff Anthony said.

“I get to maintain all the portable damage-control equipment and it’s really great to be able to demonstrate our kit.

“People always want to know what we do on the water and I really enjoyed showing people the equipment and explaining what we do,” he said.

After Navy’s recent contribution to the bushfire crisis in Victoria and the media coverage it attracted, there was much interest in the ship.

Maritime Logistics Officer Lieutenant Commander Andrew Petrie said the open day presented a great opportunity to show off Hobart.

“The ship is the most lethal capability the Royal Australian Navy has, along with a fantastic crew, and we’re delighted to open her up for people to come and see first-hand,” Lieutenant Commander Petrie said.

Following her public showing, HMAS Hobart returned to Bass Strait for the rest of the sea phase of FCP20 {fleet concentration period), which concluded today.










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