New bird for RAAF heritage collection

A retired UH-1H Iroquois helicopter was transported from Defence Establishment Orchard Hills to RAAF Base Richmond on 29 Jan 2020.

CAPTION: Retired UH-1H Iroquois helicopter A2-776 is trucked onto RAAF Base Richmond for storage en-route to its final destination in a RAAF heritage collection. Photo by Corporal David Said.

The Iroquois will be stored at RAAF Base Richmond with a view to eventually transferring it for display at a Royal Australian Air Force Heritage Centre.

Also known as a ‘Huey’ the Iroquois was built as a UH-1D and delivered as A2-766 directly to RAAF’s No. 9 Squadron in South Vietnam on 4 July 1968.

It was flown as a UH-1H ‘Bushranger’ gunship on operations in Vietnam, accumulating 3026.2 flight hours before returning to Australia in November 1971 on HMAS Sydney.

The aircraft later served with Aircraft Research and Development Unit before being handed over to the Australian Army in December 1989

Since retirement the aircraft has been stored at Orchard Hills and used as a training aid for armourers.









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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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3 thoughts on “New bird for RAAF heritage collection

  • 12/02/2020 at 9:48 pm

    Greetings Brian Hartigan,
    My son forwards your very interesting newsletter to me and in the latest issue there is mention of an Iroquois helicopter (Huey) coming out of storage and was delivered to RAAF Richmond on a semi-trailer. The aircraft tail number A2-766, was in service in Viet Nam with No 9 Sqn RAAF in support of the Australian Task Force.

    I forwarded the newsletter to the President of the No 9 Sqn RAAF Association and he asked if I could make contact with you to determine to which Heritage Centre A2-766 is to be allotted.

    Are you able to advise of the allocation of this ‘Huey’ as we from 9 Sqn like to keep track of our war birds? We would hope that it may be the Centre at RAAF Amberley to sit beside A2-771, our Assocation allotted copy already there.

    Also, there appears to be a small error about this aircraft in that the article which states that A2-766 served as a Bushranger gunship in Viet Nam. The same statement is mentioned in adfserials-iroquois and as a former No 9 Sqn Crewman in Viet Nam on Bushranger gunships, Albatross slicks (cargo and troop movers) and Albatross Dustoff there is no mention of A2-766 used as a Bushranger in my Flying Log Book. It was used quite a lot on Dustoff activities but not as a gunship. The tail numbers of Bushrangers operated in Viet Nam are as follows: A2-110, 149, 377, 382, 383, 703, 772 and 773 and this allowed ready conversion of roles on an as required basis. Incidently, A2-773 was the first operational Bushranger and is currently in storage at the Australian War Memorial.
    I suspect that IF indeed 766 became a Bushranger it was probably modified by the ARMY after they took over the helicopter fleet in 1989.

    Please advise if you are aware of where A2-766 is to be allotted.

    Best regards
    Peter Johnson

    • 12/02/2020 at 9:52 pm

      Hi Peter,
      Thank you for your message.
      It’s awesome to think there are people in this world so passionate about history – especially about the intricate details. I love it.
      As for this Heuy’s fate, I don’t think anyone actually knows – i.e. not decided.
      The story only says it was moved from Orchard Hills (probably because they just started major redevelopment works) with a view to eventually transferring it for display at a [non specified] RAAF Heritage Centre
      If I was you, I’d take this as an opportunity to help them decide where to send it 😉

      Thank your son from me for forwarding my newsletter to you.
      Of course, if you subscribed yourself, you’d get it direct.
      Subscribing is totally free – no catch, no spam, just my fortnightly newsletter and quarterly magazine – all free.
      And feel free to invite all your 9 Squadron mates (and anyone else) to subscribe too.


      Brian Hartigan,
      CONTACT editor

    • 12/02/2020 at 9:56 pm

      Hello again Brian and thanks for your response re A2-766. I have passed on your suggestion to our Assoc President to see if he can make some subtle suggestions to those in the know as to where this Huey should go. As mentioned before, Amberley would be nice and to park it next to our Association copy in A2-771.
      I also suggested that our Pres look at the 2 Hueys used as training aids at RAAF Wagga, A2-455 and 915 which were the last two attrition replacement Hueys acquired by 9 Sqn RAAF in Viet Nam. I don’t see the point of leaving them at Wagga as the RAAF has no helicopters anymore and the ARMY does its own training and they don’t fly Hueys anymore anyway.

      I do so miss that familiar wok, wok, wok sound of the Huey. The Huey which was lost off the NSW coast some months back sometimes flew over my bowls club and would send my heart into palpitations!!!!

      I am not the flashest dude with computers so feel free if you want to add my little screed as a reply in your Newsletter. You have my permission.

      I will do as you suggest and subscribe to the newsletter.

      Thanks heaps Brian,
      Peter J.


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