Chinese fighter fired chaff into RAAF Poseidon engines

The Australian Defence Force has issued a statement saying a RAAF aircraft was intercepted by a Chinese fighter in the South China Sea last month.

FILE PHOTO: People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-16. Photo courtesy Government of Taiwan, via WikiMedia Commons.

On 26 May 2022, a RAAF P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft was intercepted by a Chinese J-16 fighter aircraft during a routine maritime surveillance activity in international airspace in the South China Sea region, the statement said.

“The intercept resulted in a dangerous manoeuvre which posed a safety threat to the P-8 aircraft and its crew.

“Defence has for decades undertaken maritime surveillance activities in the region and does so in accordance with international law, exercising the right to freedom of navigation and overflight in international waters and airspace.”

Defence Minister Richard Marles said the J-16 aircraft flew very close to the side of the P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft and released flares.

“The J-16 then accelerated and cut across the nose of the P-8, settling in front of the P-8 at very close distance,”Mr  Marles said.

“At that moment, it then released a bundle of chaff, which contains small pieces of aluminium, some of which were ingested into the engine of the P-8 aircraft.

“Quite obviously, this is very dangerous.”

The Australian government has raised its concerns about the incident with the Chinese government.






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5 thoughts on “Chinese fighter fired chaff into RAAF Poseidon engines

  • 12/06/2022 at 4:10 pm

    it appears china has no fear of testing its mettle against Australia and the US by consistently incurring, acting provocative and the constant rhetoric from both sides resolves in nothing. Is going to take close contact and a Chinese plane to be damaged or shot down to show china we mean business!!

    • 14/06/2022 at 9:40 am

      G’day Mark. You sound like you’re fresh from Top Gun School and full of U.S. Foreign Policy Bullshit.
      QUOTE. ”a Chinese plane to be damaged or shot down to show china we mean business!!” ENDQUOTE.
      So what exactly is our ”business” that requires us to shot down a Chinese plane along the Chinese coast?
      What Australian Foreign Policy are you advancing shooting down Chinese Fighter planes?
      How will shooting down Chinese Fighter planes improve China/Australia relations?
      If we are taking on 1.3 Billion people with a 3 Million Man Military AND Nuclear Weapons, what do we get out of it?

      You should join the Military. If they take you. they’ll beat some sense into you.


  • 12/06/2022 at 10:43 am

    As a former Grunt I may not be the sharpest, nor bluntest knife in the draw, but I reckon I’m a shitload smarter than the idiots on Russell Hill.
    If 80% of Taiwans population is good with the Status Quo, and the P.R.C tells us to keep out of THEIR Civil War, then you have to be a Yank or a Dickhead to fly along their coastline with Australian War planes.
    It’s plainly obvious the Yanks are geeing up their next War, having lost Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghan, Vietnam and everything else for the last 50 years, while dragging our people in too.
    It time for Australia to explore Neutrality, we are a natural for it.


    • 12/06/2022 at 1:50 pm

      When the Chinese come knocking who do we ask for help? We have to have big brother USA on our side…

      • 14/06/2022 at 9:46 am

        See this is where you’ve gone wrong Christopher.
        You’re suffering from The Great Australian Cultural Cringe.
        You seem to feel that we need someone/anyone to hold our hand to survive in this big, bad World.
        We don’t.

        It’s time you understand Australia doesn’t need anyone to be a successful and secure Nation.
        We don’t need to run to Mummy every time the Asians scare us or we have to make our own decisions.
        The Chinese are not an expansionist Nation and can never get to us.
        We need to grow up, stand on our own and make our own decisions.

        DUTY FIRST.


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