Easier health-care access for MRCA vets

Veterans who currently have to pay for their medical treatment up-front and wait to be reimbursed will only need to present their Department of Veterans’ Affairs health card to pay for their treatment under changes to the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) passed through Parliament yesterday.

Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel Darren Chester said around 4000 MRCA veterans and their families would benefit from the change, which is part of DVA’s transformation program to make processes faster and easier for veterans and their families to gain access to the support they need.

“Veterans with conditions covered under the MRCA will now, like other DVA clients, only have to present their DVA health card at the time of their medical treatment for accepted conditions and payments will be then made directly to health providers electronically through the Medicare system,” Mr Chester said.

“Importantly, this change ensures all veterans can gain access to medical treatment without worrying about claim forms, or being out-of-pocket while waiting for reimbursement—reducing financial pressure on veterans and their families.”

The Department of Defence’s arrangements for the delivery of health services to Australian Defence Force personnel now includes a provision that allows DVA to use these arrangements so veterans can access mental health services in the community.

“I have worked together with members and senators with a lived experience of the ADF, in particular Senator Rex Patrick, to eliminate barriers in accessing mental health care for all veterans, regardless of the Act they are covered by.

“I thank the senator for his passionate interest in looking after his fellow veterans,” Mr Chester said.

“This arrangement provides more options for veterans to access mental-health services, including where a veteran transitioning from the ADF requires continuity of care, or where a veteran is having difficulty accessing services due to their geographic location.”

More information on DVA health cards is available on the DVA website.


If anyone knows what this actually means in practical day-to-day terms, please do enlighten the rest of us. For example, will this change alleviate the issue of “Veteran denied health care because DVA paying





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