In support of a Royal Commission into veteran suicide

Dear Editor,

Veteran Suicides are not the traditional understanding of the term “Suicide”

What they are is a result of wounds and injuries that have been sustained by veterans during their service to Australia.

These wounds and injuries have so often been made far worse by the people who have been charged with caring and assisting veterans.

That is unique to veterans and their families.

The last royal commission into issues like this was in 1924 and made sweeping changes to the system that was not dealing with the problems that existed.

95 years later we need to have another review of this kind Veterans also need to have their stories heard, that is a part of the healing process.

Our government has also seen fit to hold an $80 million dollar Royal Commission into the deaths of 4 roof insulation installers, they did not hold a Royal Commission into workplace deaths, they did not look at the wider picture of dangerous work practices causing deaths, they focused exclusively on the 4 dead tradies.

If they can do that for 4 unfortunate tradesmen then they can do the same for the hundreds of veterans that have taken their own lives.

Yours Sincerly 
Doug Steley 
ex RAAF 


Doug wrote the above letter in response to this video…

Editor's personal opinion on calling for a Royal Commission into Veteran suicide rate in Australia.
Listen to the editor’s personal opinion on calling for a Royal Commission into the Veteran suicide rate in Australia.










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