Keith Payne VC takes Trooper Bert Jones back to school

The students and staff of Dundula State School in Baker’s Creek, Queensland, had a special visitor on 6 November.

CAPTIONKeith Payne VC hands Trooper Bert Jones over to students at Dundula State School in Baker’s Creek, Queensland, to use as a teaching aid and an Anzac reminder. Screen grab from Channel 7 News report.

Keith Payne VC visited the school ahead of Remembrance Day.

During the visit, Keith reminded students about the importance of guarding the memory of all those who have served Australia over more than a century, especially the 420,000 volunteers who fought in the First World War.

To aid in the students’ learning, Mr Payne donated an ANZAC Bear, Trooper Bert Jones, to the school.

As part of the Bears to School program, Trooper Jones was supplied with educational materiel.

The Bears to School program is designed to provide an engaging non-confronting link to the Great War through the Great War uniformed bears collection.

Members of the public and businesses are encouraged to donate a bear to the school of their choice.

The bears make perfect class mascot and teaching prop to help students relate to the stories of service and commemoration.

Keith Payne VC is the National Ambassador for Bears to School.





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