Navy’s Tickford Racing experience program to continue

The Tickford Racing (formerly Prodrive Racing Australia) Outplacement Program has provided Royal Australian Navy technicians with valuable and extensive opportunities to apply and hone trade skills in recent years, in a unique team environment.

The program also provides variation in employment at a time when the skills of the technicians are in low demand within Navy.

At the same time, the Tickford Racing team has been impressed by all the Navy members they have come into contact with, as well as the input and dedication the assigned members have displayed on a daily basis.

A Navy spokesman said, “Our technicians have been engaged in various tasks such as, complex component machining and composite material fabrication, activities in which opportunities are expected to improve within the Fleet Support Unit in the future, but have been rare in recent history”.

“This program has also afforded our technicians an opportunity to observe how teams in other lines of technical endeavour organise, combine and execute tasking to achieve specified outcomes.

“For all of these reasons and from the feedback from our technicians and the manager of the Tickford Racing team, the outplacement has been a success and is intended to be continued while Navy and Tickford Racing continue to benefit.

“The sailors have enjoyed the experience, with a great deal of travel and opportunities to work in a high-performance team in a dynamic environment.”





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