Wearable shot-detectors out now

Boomerang Warrior-X is a light-weight, man-wearable system that pinpoints the location of a hostile shooter on the battlefield.

Weighing just 340g, Boomerang Warrior-X provides immediate hostile fire location awareness to individual soldiers while also giving unit leaders the shooter’s grid reference, improving coordinated team responses to hostile fire.

The system offers the same performance and features as currently-fielded vehicle-mounted Boomerang III system — just smaller, lighter and soldier wearable.

President of Raytheon BBN Technologies – a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon – Ed Campbell said his technology was a proven life saver on the battlefield.

“Boomerang delivers the best performance of any available shooter-detection system today at the lowest cost,” he said.

Incoming shot announcements are transmitted to a built-in speaker or an earpiece, while a lightweight display provides range and azimuth to the shooter’s position.

As the soldier moves, the system compensates for the soldier’s motion and continually updates the threat location on a wrist display.

An undisclosed Gulf nation recently awarded a direct commercial sales contract to Raytheon BBN Technologies valued at more than $10 million for the delivery of approximately 2000 Boomerang Warrior-X systems during the next 12 months.




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