Containerised mortar system demonstrated

Defence manufacturer Patria says its Patria Nemo Container, showcased for the first time at the IDEX 2017, has successfully completed its first test firings on a truck platform.

Patria Nemo Container underwent test-fire demonstrations on an 8×8 off-road truck as well as stand-alone in a ground-defence scenario during recent tests in Finland.

Apparently Nemo Container performed as expected and the ground-breaking concept of the 20-foot container with 120mm turreted mortar system proved its ingenuity by combining unforeseen flexibility, mobility and firepower.

The company’s promotional video shows the mortar firing in the traditional indirect-fire mode – but also as a direct-fire turret.

Nemo Container can also be installed on ships – Patria Nemo Navy.

Kari Reunamäki, Vice President Weapon Systems, Land business unite said Nemo Container opened up a whole new market segment for Patria’s “Game Changers of the Battlefield” with the advantages of modern, turreted mortar systems combined with unlimited variety of platforms on land and at sea.




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