C-17 and Super Hornet at Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre

Residents around RAAF Base Amberley have seen the huge C-17A Globemaster majestically climb into the sky and possibly wondered how such a large aircraft could fly as gracefully as it does.  Similarly they would have seen the sleek Super Hornets blast into the sky and rapidly disappear out of sight.

At the RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre free public open day this Sunday (June 19) they’ll have the chance to inspect both of these aircraft, close up and at their leisure, and chat with the aircrews.

Also this Sunday the Heritage Centre is hosting a fascinating display of historic motorcycles.

viewee_twoee_preloaded_or_emptyAnd then there is the display of military aircraft representing the 75 year history of military aviation in South Queensland, housed in three World War 2 –era Bellman hangars..

Each of the hangars focuses on a different era of aviation – the entrance hangar houses a display of Air Force and some Army aviation support to post World War 2 conflicts including the Malayan Confrontation, Korean and Vietnam Wars, while immediately outside visitors can climb into the venerable Caribou Battlefield airlifter which saw service in Vietnam, and then served the country for another 40 years including delivering aid supplies during floods and other natural disasters.

While in the jet era hangar an iconic F-111 supersonic strike bomber dwarfs the early jet fighters, the Sabre and Mirage.  There is also a display of jet engines as well as the F-111 cockpit modules in which aircrews could eject to safety in an emergency.

In the World War 2 hangar story boards trace the history of the development of RAAF Amberley from 1940 to the present day, while two heavily modified Landrovers showcase a display by the Air Force’s Airfield Defence Guards.

The popular F/A-18F flight simulator, where visitors are able to purchase a simulator ride at $40 for twenty minutes, will be operating – and visitors can enjoy  a sausage sizzle and delicious barista coffee.

Due to RAAF security requirements all visitors over the age of 16 must provide photographic identification, and have their identification details recorded as a condition of entry.

The RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre is open this Sunday (19 June), and then on the third Sunday of each month, between 9am and 3pm.  Simply turn off the Cunningham Highway to RAAF Amberley near Ipswich and follow the signs. Admission is free and photography is welcomed.








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