Project LAND 400 hits a speedbump

The Department of Defence announced on Friday that the government has agreed to an extension to the Request for Tender evaluation period of Army’s new Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability in order to conduct a review of the LAND 400 Phase 2 Risk Management Activities (RMA).

Buy CONTACT Yearbook hereA significant part of the RMA is to develop the Australian Industry Capability Plan.  As the LAND 400 RMA was planned prior to the launch of the new Industry Policy, Defence has determined that it would be prudent to review the RMA, to ensure it aligns with the new policy and achieves the best possible outcomes for Australian industry.

Deputy Secretary Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) Kim Gillis said that LAND 400 was a very significant project for both the Australian Army and Australian industry.

“Planning for the RMA and development of the RMA contracts, under which the work will be conducted with selected tenderers, was completed prior to the launch of the government’s new Defence Industry Policy Statement (DIPS),” Mr Gillis said.

“The strong alignment of the RMA with the DIPS will deliver benefits to both industry and Defence. This review will ensure Defence can obtain the best possible solution for Australian industry whilst delivering the required capability to Army.

“The review of the Australian industry aspects of the RMA will ensure that these benefits can be delivered. This review is further evidence of our commitment to improving the way Defence and industry work together.

“This review will have no effect on the planned in-service date for the Army’s mounted combat reconnaissance capability,” Mr Gillis said [and I’m sure he meant it].

Mr Gillis said once the review had been completed, Defence would work with the selected tenderers during the next phase of the RMA to ensure that Australian industry opportunities are maximised.




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One thought on “Project LAND 400 hits a speedbump

  • 04/04/2016 at 10:31 am

    How many times has this rubbish happened before? Land 400 will be delayed and of course it will be screwed up. Again the soldiers will suffer the final concequences. As usual.


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