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Because of setup on a printing press, it costs more than Aus$12,000 to print and distribute 1000 copies of a quality magazine like CONTACT – but it ‘only’ costs about $16,000 to print and distribute 7000 copies.

If we reach US$4000/month (US$12,000 per quarter) on Patreon, that covers the printing and distribution for 7000 copies.

The minimum subscription is US$2.50/month, but the majority of subscribers thus far have volunteered higher. So, on current trends, it will take around 1000 subscribers to get us to US$4000/month.

So, if I distribute 1000 copies to Patreon ‘subscribers’ – that leaves me with 6000 already-paid-for copies I can send to newsagents.

I get a return of about $4 each on newsagents’ sales – and we used to average around 2000 sales – making an average of about $8000 a quarter.

That’s the basic wage I need (and deserve) to keep CONTACT going.


I need your help

I can identify no other way of making that kind of money.

So, printing CONTACT again is not just a ‘cool’ thing to do – it is the only thing I can think of that will save (and improve) CONTACT in the long term.

BUT – I need your help.

If you love CONTACT (even just in current digital format) and you want it to survive long term…






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