Operation Render Safe hits Nauru

Australian Army personnel from the 6th Engineer Support Regiment and 20th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron, along with allied partners, have deployed to Nauru under Operation Render Safe to dispose of dangerous unexploded ordnance (UXO).

CAPTION: Australian and partner military personnel work on clearing a site to be used to dispose of WWII remnants during Operation Render Safe in Nauru. Story by Pilot Officer Shanea Zeegers. Photo by Sergeant Craig Barrett.

The team of explosive ordnance disposal technicians from the ADF, the US Marine Corps and the US Army worked alongside key Nauru authorities to dispose of explosive remnants of war (ERW) from World War 2.

US marine Gunnery Sergeant Kharlange Joseph played a leading role in executing preliminary procedures before disposing of the ERWs, which included mortars, projectiles and bombs.

“Protective engineering works have been put together to mitigate damage to critical infrastructure in locations impacted by blasts, overpressure and fragmentation from the demolition,” Gunnery Sergeant Joseph said.

“Render safe procedures have been conducted to confirm that the UXOs are safe to handle before disposal. This is done by performing radiographic analysis to confirm the fusing condition, then applying energetic tools to reduce those hazards, followed by building Hesco bays to place unexploded ordnances in.”

The latest deployment follows the ADF’s support to Nauru in December when Australian Army EOD technicians rendered safe and disposed of a World War 2 500lb Mark-12 bomb.

The operation also allows technicians to provide education and training to enhance the security capabilities of Pacific partners.

“Learning and exchanging procedures and techniques has been significantly beneficial,”  Gunnery Sergeant Joseph said.

“The multilateral team have been able to use this opportunity to share knowledge with partnered nations and locals.

“It’s great to be part of Operation Render Safe, and I am confident that the team’s achievements will provide a safer environment for the Republic of Nauru.”

Teams from partners countries Canada, New Zealand and France are due to join the operation.







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