Ghost Shark ‘Alpha’ unveiled in Sydney

The Albanese Government [not the company who made it, apparently] will deliver a sovereign, autonomous undersea capability, through the Ghost Shark Program.

CAPTION: Ghost Shark ‘Alpha’ – the first prototype co-developed by Defence Science and Technology Group, the Royal Australian Navy and Anduril Australia unveiled at Garden Island, Sydney. Photo by Rodney Braithwaite.

Ghost Shark is being jointly developed and funded by a partnership between Defence and Anduril Australia, and will become Mission Zero (0) [whatever that means] for the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA).

Only Defence’s highest priorities are used to select ASCA missions and there must be an identified pathway for the innovation to transition to capability.

Ten Australian companies have partnered with Anduril Australia to be ready for the manufacture of Ghost Shark, and there are 42 Australian companies who stand to benefit in the supply chain.

Ghost Shark will provide the Australian Navy with a stealthy, long-range autonomous undersea warfare capability to conduct persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strike.

Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy said Ghost Shark was an exemplar of how Defence and Australian industry could move at speed to develop new sovereign capabilities to respond to strategic challenges.

“By transitioning Ghost Shark to the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator, a clear statement is being made about Defence’s commitment to the program,” Mr Conroy said.

“ASCA is focussed on speeding up the transition of innovation into capability that will give our Australian Defence Force an edge, while creating more jobs for Australians commercialising the technology.”

Head of ASCA Emily Hilder said ASCA missions addressed strategically directed priorities that focus on rapidly delivering asymmetric capabilities to Defence,” Professor Hilder said.

“The co-funded and collaborative contract between Anduril Australia and Defence is a fast and innovative way for Defence to pursue new technology that directly relates to capability needs.

“ASCA wants to hear from Australian companies with solutions to Defence’s biggest challenges.”

Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Mark Hammond said the collaboration combined Navy’s expertise, ASCA’s speed to delivery, Defence’s scientific smarts and Anduril Australia’s experience in agile innovation.

“We are a nation girt by sea, and the Ghost Shark is one of the tools we are developing for the Navy to patrol and protect our oceans and our connection to the world.”







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3 thoughts on “Ghost Shark ‘Alpha’ unveiled in Sydney

  • 28/04/2024 at 8:26 am

    Wondering if this could be the “thing” that you saw Sycamore towing?

    • 28/04/2024 at 10:36 am

      That’s a reasonable guess, Fizzie, but no. The thing I saw was grey, and looked kinda like a landing craft of some sort. But I could see no superstructure on it.
      Time and the CONTACT audience will figure it out I’m sure.
      Cheers, Brian

  • 22/04/2024 at 5:56 am

    Jeez, that’s the ugliest looking weapon I’ve ever seen. It looks like something out of someone’s garage…


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