E-7 Trilateral Working Group convenes at Williamtown

For the first time, air force experts have gathered in Australia to share solutions on airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) of the skies.

CAPTIONThe E-7 Trilateral Working Group at RAAF Base Williamtown. Story by Flight Lieutenant Imogen Lunny. Photo by Aircraftwoman Laura Flower.

Representatives from the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the United States Air Force (USAF) joined Australian partners for the E-7 Wedgetail Trilateral Working Group meeting at RAAF Base Williamtown from February 5 to 9.

The E-7A Wedgetail provides Australia with one of the most advanced airspace capabilities in the world, while its AEW&C system provides battlespace surveillance, and command and control of air, sea and land assets.

Established in 2022, the trilateral agreement is a commitment of the RAAF, USAF and RAF to work together under an E-7 Joint Vision Statement towards collaboration and interoperability.

Flight Lieutenant Adam Beasley, a RAF exchange officer and E-7A Wedgetail mission computing system asset manager, said these regular engagements supported the RAF and USAF fleets in the move towards further cooperation.

“My position here is a reflection of the three nations’ drive towards the establishment of a cooperative program under the Air Force Chief’s E-7 Joint Vision Statement,” Flight Lieutenant Beasley said.

“Since signing the Joint Vision Statement in 2023, the USAF have established a sizeable footprint of personnel across operations, maintenance and support to assist with the introduction of the USAF E-7 Wedgetail. The UK have continued with their acquisition program ahead of the first aircraft delivery this year.

“In the short term, the joint intent is cooperation on the E-7 Wedgetail’s introduction to service for the RAF and USAF; in the longer term, to cooperatively pursue a common interoperable capability.”

Project Director Group Captain Darren Spee said cooperation with Australia’s close partners would deliver wide-ranging benefits both now and into the future.

“Future advanced AEW&C will bring some really exciting capabilities to us. Developing it together with our partners will share development costs and provide some economies of scale that will make it affordable,” Group Captain Spee said.

During the event, partners had the opportunity to tour RAAF Williamtown E-7A Wedgetail operations, maintenance and support facilities, and to conduct familiarisation with the aircraft itself.






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