Lessons from the jungle book of experience

Australian soldiers and personnel from the Five Power Defence Arrangement nations contended with 40-degree heat and 100 per cent humidity on Exercise Bersama Lima, held in Malaysia this year.

CAPTIONAustralian Army personnel meet Bruno, a military working dog, on Exercise Bersama Lima, Kuantan, Malaysia. Story by Flying Officer Connor Bellhouse. Photos by Corporal Sam Price.

Land operations officer Australian Army Captain Milê Glamcevski said the exercise was an opportunity for the troops from Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to exchange knowledge and experience on overcoming jungle challenges.

“We’ve been training in tactics and procedures, particularly around jungle survival and learning how to operate as a small team up to company level in jungle terrain,” Captain Glamcevski said.

“To be able to understand how we each work, and how to operate together in complex terrain is very important for our ability to manoeuvre, engage and win the land battle.”

For the Australian soldiers from Rifle Company Butterworth, Exercise Bersama Lima was a rare opportunity to interact with other nations.

“It’s very important for Australian soldiers to get this exposure. This is our near region and partners that we will be operating with, and currently do operate with,” Captain Glamcevski said.

“The interaction between the five nations has been great to watch; watching the language and culture exchanges. It is really good to see how well they get along.

“The Malaysian Armed Forces operate in this terrain day in and day out. They have an understanding of the environmental conditions; everything from monsoons to the heat of the day. They understand how to not only survive but thrive when they operate.

“We’re learning volumes from them, and every day they’re imparting their knowledge, which is an amazing opportunity for the Australian soldiers that are here.”

CAPTIONPersonnel from Australian, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom Exercise Bersama Lima, Kuantan, Malaysia. 





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