HMAS Perth wins Gloucester Cup

Anzac-class frigate HMAS Perth has been presented with Navy’s most prestigious award, the Gloucester Cup, by West Australian Governor Chris Dawson.

CAPTION: Governor of Western Australia Chris Dawson receives a Royal Salute from the HMAS Perth Guard during the Duke of Gloucester Cup award ceremony at Fleet Base West. Story by Lieutenant Mick Wheeler. Photos by Leading Seaman Ernesto Sanchez.

The ceremony was conducted at HMAS Stirling, Perth’s home port.

Perth’s former Commanding Officer, Commander Tony Nagle, returned to receive the cup after passing command of Perth to Commander Jorge McKee on June 30.

The award was instituted in 1946 when the Duke of Gloucester presented a silver cup to the Navy as a prize for the ship that shot down the greatest number of aerial targets, in proportion to the number of rounds fired, during a calendar year.

Over time, this proved impracticable and consequently the cup is awarded as a prize for the Navy unit that excelled in all aspects of their tasking, including mission effectiveness, lethality, safety, reliability, efficiency, currency and competency.

CAPTION: Governor of Western Australia Chris Dawson presents the Duke of Gloucester Cup to former Commanding Officer of HMAS Perth Commander Anthony Nagle, who accepted the award on behalf of the HMAS Perth ship’s company at Fleet Base West.

Perth also received the Spada Shield, which recognises the major fleet unit that excels in all aspects of their tasking.

While the Duke of Gloucester Cup and Spada Shield signify the highest level of overall proficiency, the individual efforts of personnel and departments on Perth were also contributing factors.

This was recognised through the Silver Platter, awarded to the major fleet unit that achieved the highest standard in the provision of food services, and the Wormald Shield, awarded to the fleet unit achieving the highest standard in combat survivability.

The awards were presented by Commander Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Chris Smith.

Perth was also runner-up for the Maritime Logistics Excellence Award, Combat System Proficiency Shield and AIO Shield – recognising the Maritime Logistics and Weapons Electrical Engineering departments, as well as the Action Information Organisation, for achieving the highest standards of excellence in their fields.

Perth’s achievements for the year included Operation Resolute and a regional presence deployment to the Indo-Pacific region, as well as participation in Exercises Pacific Vanguard and Kakadu 2022.

She responded to many demands through these periods to great effect and the awards are a recognition of individual efforts.

Rear Admiral Smith congratulated Perth on espousing the values of today’s Navy.

Perth’s achievements through 2022 contributed to the relationships with our regional partners and in developing a shared vision for the Indo-Pacific region,” Rear Admiral Smith said.

“The Fleet Awards recognise the significance of these operational achievements, but most importantly they recognise the way Perth came together as a ship’s company to achieve as a team.

“These awards also recognise Perth’s effectiveness requires support from personnel ashore and that the support of family and friends is pivotal in enabling our people to achieve such high standards in the defence of Australia.

“I extend my thanks to the families of Perth’s crew in providing support to her members and their sacrifices while away.”

Commander Nagle said he was proud to see recognition of a highly skilled and professional crew.

“These awards are a testament to the crew, who are completely committed to enabling ongoing success for Navy,” Commander Nagle said.

Perth now sports a gold five-point star on both bridge wings, signifying her standing as the Gloucester Cup holder.







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