Soldiers team with innovators, thinkers and partners

Defence personnel, academics, industry representatives and international partners were among more than 1500 people who converged on the Perth Convention Centre for the Chief of Army Symposium from August 29-30.

CAPTIONQuadrupedal uncrewed vehicles, colloquially known as ‘robot dogs’, fitted with mock weapons on display at the Army Robotics Expo as part of the Chief of Army Symposium 2023 in Perth. Story by Warrant Officer Class Two Max Bree.

The event comprised presentations, panel discussions and expos around the theme of ‘adapting Army’ through innovation, people and partnerships.

During his opening address, Chief of Army Lieutenant General Simon Stuart said the ultimate point of decision in war was people on the ground, despite media obsession with various platforms fighting in Ukraine.

“I suspect any Russian soldier with experience in Chechnya would endorse the proposition that the nature of close combat in complex terrain has not changed very much in the occupied territories of Ukraine despite the proliferation of UAS [unmanned aerial systems] and missiles,” Lieutenant General Stuart said.

He added that no soldier, scientist, scholar or legislator has solved the problem of attacking through the final metres of a ground assault.

The Chief of Army said it was important Army was well placed to exploit evolving technologies and adapt.

“That is the purpose of this symposium – soldiers teaming with innovators and thinkers from academia and industry, the ADF, and with our allies and partners,” he said.

“It is the application of our thinking and collaboration that I am personally most interested in.”

With 22 international delegations attending, Major General Scott Winter, Commander 1st(Australian) Division said the Chief of Army Symposium (CAS) 2023 also provided a forum to foster Army’s friendships with international counterparts.

“It was fantastic to welcome back our international friends to participate in bilateral meetings as part of CAS 2023,” Major General Winter said.

“Maintaining strong friendships based on trust with partner nations, through sharing knowledge and experiences, is beneficial for both our international visitors, and our Army.

“We look forward to our continued cooperation with these nations.”

The symposium also featured Army Innovation Day, Army Quantum Technology Challenge and Army Robotics Expo.

They aim to look at how emerging technology and concepts to can help overcome future challenges.





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