Women surge to the skies

Navy is sailing into a new era, with a record-breaking number of women taking to the skies.

CAPTIONFrom left, Acting Sub-Lieutenant Chloe Wise, Acting Sub-Lieutenant Kathryn Boyd and Sub-Lieutenant Phoebe Curtis on the flightline at 723 Squadron, HMAS Albatross. Story by Sub-Lieutenant Marina Riley. Photo by Petty Officer Justin Brown.

This year’s intake featured the largest number of women stepping into the role of Navy aviators and related technical roles, an unprecedented feat in the traditionally male-dominated arena.

Commanding Officer 723 Squadron Commander Samuel Dale said it was an exhilarating shift.

“The increasing number of women joining our ranks as aviators is indeed a promising sign for a stronger future,” Commander Dale said.

Among the rising stars in this wave of change is Acting Sub-Lieutenant Chloe Wise.

Encouraged by the trailblazers before her, Acting Sub-Lieutenant Wise said she was excited to contribute to this new chapter in the Navy’s history.

“The prospect of joining the Navy as an aviator has always intrigued me,” she said.

“Seeing this surge in women joining the Navy as aviators has been both empowering and inspiring.

“It reinforces the belief that there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

Recognising the strength that comes from diversity, Navy has implemented several initiatives to encourage more women to consider a career as aviators and in related technical roles.

These proactive measures, combined with an increased interest from women, have contributed to the surge in numbers.

“This is an encouraging milestone, but we have more work to do,” Commander Dale said.

“We must aim higher than simply increasing female intakes. We aim to foster an environment that supports their growth, development and progression to leadership positions.

“We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive Navy, drawing on the all the strengths of the society we serve.”

As the Navy charts its course towards a stronger workforce, these pioneering women aviators serve as an inspiration for future generations.






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