Back in The Day


Remember how we’d rant and roar,
The joyful days that went before?
We didn’t care what well might be
For in those days our life was free
Of ties; no cares, just vigour, youth;
Then we’d no thought or time for lies – for truth.
We’d no thought or time for lies – for truth
Whatever. So was it right or was it wrong
That we when young went gaily forth when called upon?
While you sat mulling all those means and ways by which to sway
Those of ours who might not elsewise have thought your way.
But then – truth, lies, – who really cared back in the Day.


By Michael Shave


FILE PHOTO: Australian troops disembark a Qantas aircraft to start their tour of duty in Vietnam, at Saigon Airport, April 1966. Photo by WO2 ‘Billy’ Cunneen – AWM CUN/66/0357/VN





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