New Veteran Employment Program launched

The Albanese Government has launched its own $24million Veteran Employment Program – an initiative aimed to boost veteran employment opportunities, as well as help businesses benefit from the diverse skill sets that veterans bring.

FILE PHOTO: Rach Ranton joined the Australian Army in 1997 and worked as an electronic warfare operator, intercepting and analysing enemy communications and giving advice on the battlefield in Afghanistan. After Army, Rach struggled with her sense of identity, but went on to forge a high-powered career in the banking sector.
“Some of the things I think military members undersell themselves on are exactly the things that civilian employers are looking for. Veterans know how to push a project forward, achieve an objective, and get things executed even if they have limited time, resources and information. This is something that businesses really need, but veterans often don’t see as a skillset.”

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh said that with more than 6000 veterans transitioning from the Australian Defence Force every year, they could bring fantastic skills gained in the ADF to the civilian workforce – skills like leadership, teamwork and the ability to work under pressure.

“This new Veteran Employment Program will support veterans into good quality jobs by boosting recognition of their skills and experience while supporting further education and training for veterans wanting to move into the civilian workforce, Mr Keogh said.

“The Veteran Employment Program includes the establishment of a Recruitment Advisory Service Grant to support employers target, build and sustain veteran employment and retention.

“It also features a Recognition of Prior Learning Grant that will provide funding to the tertiary sector in order to establish or enhance recognition of prior learning frameworks for veterans, as well as support for veterans pursuing further study within tertiary institutions.

“This is in addition to a commitment from the Department of Defence to enhance their recognition of prior learning program, to improve both the assessment of skills, and granting of micro-credentials for the vocational skills that veterans acquire during service.

“The goal is to better recognise the pre-existing capability veterans have and make it easier for them to demonstrate their existing skills, gain official qualifications and be competitive in the labour market.”

Mr Keogh said that in the current tight labour market, skilled workers were in hot demand, however many civilian businesses weren’t aware of the great opportunity that could come with employing a veteran.

“The Veteran Employment Program will focus on making support to businesses more meaningful, to better support employers to foster environments where veterans can flourish.

“There are so many benefits to employing a veteran in the diverse civilian workforce – they bring with them skills such as leadership, teamwork, agility, discipline and an ability to work under pressure.

“This program will ensure their formal and informal skills are properly recognised and understood in civilian work places and educational institutions.”

In 2024, a new advertising campaign will be launched promoting the benefits veterans can bring to the civilian workforce.

Information about the Veteran Employment Program and the initiatives, including information on applying for the grants programs, is available on the veteransemployment website.







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2 thoughts on “New Veteran Employment Program launched

  • 23/07/2023 at 3:01 pm

    So that’s IF I survive my time fighting for the Yanks?

    Where do I sign up?

  • 23/07/2023 at 12:29 pm

    How amazing, employment opportunities and Defense. Is that before or after DVA has crucified the Veteran?
    Let me tell you the ways that the DVA love us: First we are called Criminals by the DVA, then we have our compensation payments stop for over 2 years. By that time you about to have your home claimed by the Mortgagee. All the time your solicitor is being told by DLA Philips that the DVA are working on it. Then the MP whom you have spoken with is being stonewalled by a SES of the DVA.

    Then you are reported to the ATO by the DVA and end up with a 7 year audit. which sends my wife into acute depression as the trust company is hers. I was a sole trader at the time. This is all about victimization and revenge for fighting the system which is corrupt. The DVA even gives false and misleading Case Law, to strengthen there opinions.


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