Historic first for Navy’s 816 Squadron

Exercise Resolute Hunter has long been a cornerstone in maritime warfare training, bringing together allied forces to share expertise and bolster security.

CAPTIONParticipants in biennial Exercise Resolute Hunter 23. Story by Sub Lieutenant Marina Riley.

This year, the exercise, stationed in Nevada and San Diego in the United States, witnessed a remarkable and historic new addition – the Australian Navy’s 816 Squadron.

The collaboration between the US Navy and Australia’s 816 Squadron on the exercise demonstrates the proven partnership between the two forces in an evolving maritime landscape.

Conducted biennially, Exercise Resolute Hunter represents a significant stride in military cooperation and is a testament to the camaraderie shared by the two nations.

The powerful joint maritime warfare training exercise aims at enhancing interoperability and collective capabilities amongst allied nations.

The exercise seeks to enhance and emphasise innovative tactics and technologies where 816 Squadron represents the RAN’s commitment to staying on the forefront of maritime defence.

816 Squadron operates the MH-60R Seahawk – a reliable and highly effective combat helicopter that contributes strongly to naval power.

It is designed for both anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare combat roles across the RAN and US Navy Fleets.

816 Squadron’s involvement in Exercise Resolute Hunter 23 reflects Navy’s commitment to and engagement with the Indo-Pacific region as well as its integration with partner nations.

The integration of 816 Squadron with the US military during the exercise provided both forces with valuable insights into each other’s operations and capabilities.

The exposure to varied equipment, strategies, and environments allowed for the cross-pollination of knowledge and skills.

816 Squadron members returned home from the exercise with invaluable experience, new insights, reinforced relationships and enhanced lethality prowess.

It’s expected the RAN Fleet Air Arm will continue to participate in future iterations of Exercise Resolute Hunter, strengthening the ties between the US and Australian maritime combat helicopter communities and making the world’s oceans safer for all.






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