Specialist STEM regiment marks first year

A ceremonial parade marked the establishment and first birthday of 13th Brigade’s 13th Engineer Regiment, the first of its kind in Defence.

CAPTION: Australian Army officers and soldiers of 13 Engineer Regiment on parade to mark the unit’s first birthday at the University of Western Australia. Story by Major Sandra Seman-Bourke. Photo by Corporal Janet Pan.

July 1 is celebrated as the Royal Australian Engineer Corps’ – and now the unit’s – birthday.

The regiment’s roots go back to 13 Field Squadron, which traces its origins to the 7th Field Company, formed in 1907.

In 1909 it was renamed the 4th Field Company, and changed to the 6th Field Company in 1910; the 13th Field Company was formed on July 1, 1912.

Commanding Officer 13th Engineer Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Lachlan Robertson said the 13th Engineer Regiment structure had two squadrons – the existing 13 Field Squadron and a new specialist 22 Engineer Squadron – which added science, technology, engineering and maths [STEM] capabilities such as innovation, experimentation, project management, and technical reconnaissance.

“These will be applied through an integrated approach with academia, industry and government partners in support of national defence,” Lieutenant Colonel Robertson said.

“Along with the specialist STEM capability, 13 Engineer Regiment will continue to provide combat and force support engineering capabilities to enable integrated manoeuvre.

“The establishment of 22 Engineer Squadron has seen a number of specialist service officers  recruited from industry and the recruitment of ‘any corps’ personnel. Combining these specialists, with a focus on new ideas and concepts, will strengthen Army’s innovation and experimentation capability.

“13th Brigade is continuing to be a test bed for military innovation and transformation for greater Army.”






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One thought on “Specialist STEM regiment marks first year

  • 16/07/2023 at 2:06 pm

    Innovation and experimentation – great not-new idea!
    Suggest research the work done by the UK near the start and during WW2 – the covert teams established by Churchill who came up with a wide and varied range of innovations to assist the defence of the UK.
    Got the Brits on the front foot again, build a strong offensive spirit and, at often little cost, contributed to war fighting success.
    But suggest keep well away from our Universities, especially those with Confucius Institutes!


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