Three services’ chefs training merged

ADF chefs will receive the same training regardless of their service under a new streamlined format that will turn out job-ready Navy chefs in particular, up to 10 months sooner.

CAPTION: Australian Army Corporal Jack Bromhead, catering instructor at the Australian Defence Force School of Catering at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria. Story by Squadron Leader Darrin Gardiner. Photo by Leading Seaman Kieran Dempsey.

The ADF School of Catering (ADFSC) “Purple Chef” training continuum will provide a joint-service catering and hospitality program that integrates the three services, in a departure from the former split format.

In one of the most significant developments in joint catering training in two decades, the format will particularly benefit sailors by allowing them to achieve Trained Force proficiency in a markedly reduced time.

ADF School of Catering Officer Commanding Squadron Leader Darrin Gardiner said the redesigned training paradigm – known as Joint by Design – will put all ADF chefs, managers and supervisors through the same training, including integrating field training detachments to HMAS Cerberus.

He said the changes were not about simply achieving “speed to capability”.

“The new catering training paradigm is realising many emerging benefits, including the ability for workforce planners to look at flexible posting integration between the three services and cross-levelling training across different categories, such as maritime logistics officers and physical training instructor initial courses,” Squadron Leader Gardiner said.

ADFSC instructor Corporal Jack Bromhead said students were already reaping the benefits of the format.

“This new program allows more face-to-face time with the students to help shape them into better chefs within the ADF,” Corporal Bromhead said.

“This is already showing benefits for instructors and students alike.”

The program has been further streamlined by enabling chefs to have their workplace journal completed in training, significantly reducing pressure on supervisors.

The school has also enhanced TAFE training in a military context by securing the vacated junior sailors galley to be used as a training simulator as part of the HMAS Cerberus redevelopment.







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2 thoughts on “Three services’ chefs training merged

  • 29/05/2023 at 4:25 pm

    Why didn’t it happen a generation ago? There’s no distinction in the content or style of preparation and serving between the three arms.
    If the navy can do IED clearance, they can prepare meals for the army. Maybe the RAAF is more fussy, though.

  • 28/05/2023 at 4:41 pm

    I was at the RAAF base Wagga in 1990 where the their catering school was located. We ate at the mess the food was dreadful. One of the guys put a comment in the comments book. He got into trouble because it wasn’t a comments book it was just a complements only book.


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