Finding flexibility in new surroundings

In 2020, Private Gabrielle Young moved to Adelaide and wanted to return to active service on a flexible arrangement but didn’t know how.

CAPTION: Australian Army Combat Medic Private Gabrielle Young, from 3rd Health Battalion, Keswick Barracks, SA. Story by Jon Kroiter. Photo by Leading Aircraftman Sam Price.

Having originally joined the Army Reserves in 2015 as a combat medical attendant in Canberra, Private Young enjoyed being able to help her local community – particularly providing support during the 2017 floods in rural NSW.

“It was really nice to help out and be part of that community spirit,” Private Young said.

“It’s why I joined the Army Reserves.”

However, because of the demands of balancing her university degree and being a single mother, Private Young needed to take a step back.

She transferred to SERCAT 2 with the intention of returning to active service when the time was right.

In a new city and with no local Army connections, Private Young signed up to OneArmy.Potential last year.

From there she reached out to her local contingent workforce management cell to see how she could return to service.

She received a phone call from Major Paul Wyatt, who was able to connect her with employment opportunities at 3rd Health Battalion.

Private Young resumed serving as a combat medical assistant and has been enjoying the experiences and skills she has learnt at her unit and on weekend exercises.

Private Young has been able to balance her lifestyle by serving on Tuesday nights and one Saturday a month. She has still been able to continue her full-time work as a management consultant and spend time with her daughter, Ava.

“It’s busy but manageable because of the flexibility,” Private Young said.

“Army is flexible as to when I do or don’t parade.”

ServeOn is an Army initiative that lets you serve on your own terms.





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