Aussies deliver live-fire training to Ukrainian recruits

Accuracy and lethality were paramount for the Armed Forces of Ukraine recruits during their live-fire training in the UK.

CAPTION: Ukrainian trainees participated in live-fire exercises during their range week of Operation Kudu, supervised by Australian Army soldiers. Story by Captain Annie Richardson. All photos Corporal Jonathan Goedhart.

Under the expert supervision of the Australian Army instructors deployed on Operation Kudu, the recruits gained valuable experience and skills to help them serve and protect their country.

Starting with static shooting at 100 metres, the trainees moved on to fire-and-movement in pairs and finished with live-fire attacks.

As the recruits’ skills developed, so did their confidence, along with improving lethality, accuracy and safety with weapons.

One of the safety supervisors on the range said safety was an important part of the training.

“All the training we’ve done up to this point is going to give the Ukrainians confidence on the weapons systems they are going to have to use when they return to Ukraine,” he said.

“What’s surprised me the most is how quickly they learnt, and how keen they were to fix errors in their drills.

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CAPTION: During their range week of Operation Kudu in the UK, Ukrainian trainees participated in live-fire exercises.

The recruits completed wooded, urban and trench training to develop the combat skills needed on the battlefield to defend their country.

The training is not without its challenges. The recruits had to adapt to different weapons, tactics and environments, but the Australian Army instructors worked hard to ensure the success of the serial.

The training is also enabling the Australian Army instructors to develop their skills.

Contingent Commander for Operation Kudu, Major Gregory Sargeant, said live-fire training was vital.

“Live fire is important to achieve battle inoculation – to prepare people for when they’re actually in a fight,” Major Sargeant said.

“The more realistic you can make live-fire training, the better they will perform in combat.

“This training has seen a progression of training from static engagements at 100 metres, up to them being able to conduct a live-fire section defence.

“Our soldiers are learning from our Ukrainian mates, and that will enable them to come back home and, in turn, teach these lessons to our soldiers. It’s been mutually supportive.”

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CAPTION: Ukrainian trainees participated in live-fire exercises in the UK, supervised by Australian Army soldiers from 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment





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