Aussie troops off on Ukrainian training mission

Australian soldiers will depart Darwin this week to join partner nations in the United Kingdom, providing critical training to Ukrainian recruits to support their national defence in response to Russia’s illegal invasion.

CAPTION: Australian soldiers undertake tactical combat-casualty-care training in preparation to deploy to the UK to provide training support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo by Petty Officer Peter Thompson.

A contingent of about 70 Australian Defence Force personnel will deploy as part of ADF Operation Kudu to assist with the UK-led and -based training program.

The contingent conducted mission-specific training in Darwin in December to prepare for their deployment.

The training delivered under this operation will generate additional capacity within the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will focus on basic infantry tactics for urban and wooded environments, helping Ukrainian recruits gain the military skills needed to defend their homeland.

No ADF personnel will enter Ukraine as part of the program.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles said the Australian government was committed to standing with Ukraine, in response to Russia’s clear violation of the rules-based order.

“Operation Kudu builds on Australia’s military support for Ukraine, with the previously gifted Australian-produced Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles proving their worth as highly valuable military vehicles,” Mr Marles said.

Minister for Defence Personnel Matt Keogh said our people were our greatest defence capability, which was why it was so important that our soldiers, alongside a number of partner nations, would provide essential skills to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supporting Ukraine to end the conflict on its own terms.

“We are proud to support the brave people of Ukraine and their armed forces,” Mr Keogh said.

A Defence spokesperson said Operation Kudu demonstrated Australia’s ongoing commitment to stand with the people of Ukraine, and continued support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

To date, Australia has provided Ukraine with approximately $655 million in support, including $475 million in military assistance.





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One thought on “Aussie troops off on Ukrainian training mission

  • 29/01/2023 at 2:37 pm

    As a First World Army with first rate Soldiers, years of training, and unlimited Air support, Indirect Fire, I.S.R., Communications, Logistics and reinforcements, etc, and ONLY having fought Rice Farmers and Goat Herders in the 3rd World, the A.D.F. has no knowledge or experience of Peer to Peer fighting.

    We’ve not fought a Peer Adversary for 80 years, and having lost more Wars than won (if any) since, what are our Diggers going to teach the Ukrainian Volkssturm about fighting the Russian Federation?

    In 11 months the Russian Federation has wiped out the Regular Ukrainian Army and its equipment, followed by the Ukrainian Reserves and donated Soviet equipment, to a total estimated at 100,000 K.I.A.

    Now that the Yanks are feeding in the Volkssturm and the dregs of Military Warehouses from around the World, is anyone expecting a different result?

    The greatest tragedy and to my eternal anger is that enlisting in the A.D.F. doesn’t mean you’re going to defend Australia, (like I thought I was), it means you will lose your Soul doing everything but, for U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy.

    The FACT that 10 x the K.I.A. rate of Diggers top themselves after their Service is the proof of the Moral vacuum the A.D.F. works in as America’s Ally.

    I heard more than one Australian working in Ukraine describe the Volksturm as only ”Meat for the Battlefield”, their words, not mine.

    The longer WE prolong this War the more blood is on OUR hands.



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