Supporting mates at home and away

Squadron Leader Meaghan Suttor never thought the questions she asked as a schoolgirl on excursions to the Australian Antarctic Division would be answered years later.

CAPTION: RAAF Squadron Leader Meaghan Suttor grew up in Tasmania and is now the Executive Officer of 29 (City of Hobart) Squadron. Story by Flight Lieutenant Suellen Heath. Photo by Leading Aircraftwoman Kate Czerny.

Growing up in Kingston and Blackmans Bay in Tasmania, Squadron Leader Suttor attended school locally at Calvin Christian School.

Not long after completing year 12, she enlisted in the Air Force as a personnel capability officer, now known as a human resource manager.

Squadron Leader Suttor said she had been fortunate to experience diverse opportunities during her extensive career in the Air Force.

“My highlights to date include raising flags at the Sydney Olympics, deploying overseas and delivering initial employment training to Air Force’s human resource workforce,” Squadron Leader Suttor said.

“Coming back to Tasmania with my family while serving in the Air Force and contributing to my local community has been very rewarding.

“I am now the Executive Officer of 29 Squadron, which includes looking after the welfare of ADF personnel who deploy to Antarctica as part of Operation Southern Discovery.”

Operation Southern Discovery is the ADF’s contribution to the Australian Antarctic Program, established in July 2016.

Squadron Leader Suttor said 10-year-old Meaghan would never have imagined she would one day be executive officer of the squadron based in her hometown, let alone involved in an operation she learnt about as she grew up.

“Aside from my involvement in the operation, my role is to ensure the squadron runs smoothly, with our aviators fit, trained and resourced properly for their duties,” she said.

“The nature of a military job means our people are often away for extended periods of time, in remote places with limited means of communication – and Antarctica is certainly about as remote as it gets.

“Ensuring our people and their families are supported while they are away is one of the best ways we can look after our greatest assets and one of the most important parts of my role here in Hobart.”





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