No one gives a second glance, as we fly through the sky
When we cruise overhead, few will wonder why
For the task we are performing, no one seems to care
But when all the chips are down, you can trust that we’ll be there

We are the first on the scene, when there’s a natural disaster
For we are the ones who restore hope and return the children’s laughter
The pollies may well sing our praise, but we all too soon regret
For when we find ourselves in need, they all too soon forget

We rallied to the colours, when the nation went to war
Conquering our greatest fears, knowing what lay in store
Pressing on against all odds, no matter what the cost
An epitaph of MISSING, for the thousands who were lost

Some say the pilots, gain all the glory and the bling
But they’d be lost without us and we only wear one wing
For the captains in the left hand seat, think they all live the dream
But when it’s all said and done, they’re just part of the team

There are many not in uniform, who make the sacrifice
Families and loved ones, who pay a selfless price
They are all too well aware, of the problems that we face
For they all know our duty, must often take first place

We’ve heard the bugles mournful blare, as through the names we scroll
Engraved upon some monument, or on an honour roll
Now as we all gather here, to pray and offer thanks
I see the ghosts of those who’ve passed, standing in our ranks

By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
11 March 2016

Alternative last line:
I see Taps and Big Al’s ghosts, standing in our ranks



FILE PHOTO (2019): C-130J Hercules aircraft from No.37 Squadron fly in formation over RAAF Base Richmond. Photo by Corporal Craig Barrett.





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