A family of aviators

It was three of a kind for the Rhone family as Aircraftman James Rhone graduated from initial recruit training as part of No 1 Recruit Training Unit (1RTU) course 15/22.

Aircraftman Rhone now joins his twin sister, Aircraftwoman Grace Rhone – who completed recruit training four weeks earlier – and older brother Leading Aircraftman Mitchell Rhone as members of the Air Force.

If that wasn’t enough commitment from the Rhones, the three children join their father Warrant Officer Chris Rhone in service and will also share their journeys with mother Jodie Rhone, who served 12 years in the Air Force.

WOFF Rhone and Mrs Rhone are proud of their children’s decisions to enlist and believe their experience as children of Air Force members will hold them in good stead for their careers.

“Despite changing schools and dealing with constant change, they still all joined and are extremely happy with their choices,” Warrant Officer Rhone said.

“Their experience will give them a better understanding of service life and the challenges and opportunities it provides.”

Aircraftwoman Rhone said she was proud to be part of the Air Force and complete recruit training alongside her twin brother.

“We experienced many challenges at 1RTU but, with the assistance of our course mates around us, we learned to overcome those hurdles and use each other’s strengths to achieve our end goal,” said Aircraftwoman Rhone.

Aircraftman Rhone described being inspired by Aircraftwoman Rhone in going through his training.

“Being able to witness my twin sister Grace on the course ahead of mine was inspiring, motivating and made me push myself even harder,” he said.

The twins have now commenced initial employment training, with Aircraftwoman Rhone learning to be an aircraft life support fitter and Aircraftman Rhone joining the Movements mustering.

On completing their training, they will enter the Air Force alongside their brother, Leading Aircraftman Rhone, who is part of Air Force security at 34 Squadron, and Warrant Officer Rhone, who is Warrant Officer Engineering at 75 Squadron.






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