Sports day a chance for first responders to relax

It’s been a busy time for Australia’s front-line emergency service responders, so the Emergency Services Movember Sports Day in Sydney gave some of them, including ADF personnel, the chance to relax, play sport and have some fun.

CAPTION: Army and Fire and Rescue NSW personnel play a game of soccer during the Emergency Services Movember Sports event in Sydney. Story by Captain Mike Edwards. Photo by Sergeant Nunu Campos.

Movember is an annual charity event to raise awareness of men’s health issues, and to raise money.

During the event, which was held at Victoria Barracks and Centennial Park, Army took on NSW Police, NSW Ambulance Service and Fire & Rescue NSW in cricket and soccer.

Organiser of the event, Captain Daniel Teys, said it was a great chance to bring emergency service providers together to have fun and do something positive for mental health.

“As first responders, you’re there on everyone else’s worst day,” Captain Teys said.

“That pressure can take a toll on people. You need to be able to decompress and share your experiences with others who have experienced it – a day like this enables us to do that.”

Movember organiser Maddi Moncrieff said first responders had borne the brunt of years of bushfires, floods and the pandemic.

“Our main focus was to get everyone together – it’s been a really tough two years,” Ms Moncrieff said.

“The social connection and the camaraderie that comes with sport is so important – it’s what Movember is all about.”

Army’s competitive spirit was on full display – even if the results didn’t match up to expectations.

Captain Teys said Army participants had fun – even if they didn’t win any of their matches.

“Well, hopefully next year Army can have some better results,” he said.

“But the day was a huge success for everyone who took part. It’s fantastic to get to know the police, ambos and fireys, who are putting themselves on the line day-in day-out – that commitment is something we all have in common.”






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