HMAS Glenelg granted Freedom of Entry

HMAS Glenelg’s ship’s company recently conducted a Freedom of Entry through Glenelg, in the Holdfast Bay area of Adelaide.

CAPTION: Sailors from HMAS Glenelg and Royal Australian Navy Band South Australia march along Jetty Road during the Freedom of Entry parade in Glenelg. Story by Lieutenant Gary McHugh. Photos by Leading Aircraftman Sam Price.

The Freedom of Entry dates back to medieval times when trusted military units would be granted permission to enter walled towns to replenish supplies and arms.

Glenelg Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Alex Finnis said it was a special and humbling honour to lead the ship’s company through the streets of their namesake community.

“Permission to conduct a Freedom of Entry march is the highest accolade a community can award a military unit, and it demonstrates the high level of respect that exists between the community and the ship,” Lieutenant Commander Finnis said.

Glenelg is part of the Armidale-class patrol boat family, which has provided Navy’s principal contribution to the nation’s border protection operations as well as conducting important regional engagement in the Indo-Pacific.

Glenelg is the second Navy vessel to bear the name Glenelg, the first being a WW2 Corvette.

City of Holdfast Bay Mayor Amanda Wilson said the city was thrilled to welcome Lieutenant Commander Finnis and his crew.

“We are proud that the name Glenelg – which is one of South Australia’s most recognisable destinations – was bestowed upon this vessel which has been in operation for the past 15 years,” Mayor Wilson said.

“Being the oldest mainland settlement in South Australia, we appreciate the significance of traditions and ceremonial events, and host our own each year on December 28 which marks the date South Australia was proclaimed.

“Today’s Freedom of Entry event is a wonderful opportunity for members of the Holdfast Bay community to welcome the crew of HMAS Glenelg and express our appreciation for their service to the nation with the Royal Australian Navy.”

Glenelg’s  homeport is HMAS Coonawarra in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Commissioned in 2008, Glenelg and her sister Armidale-class patrol boats are gradually being decommissioned to be replaced by Navy’s new Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels.

CAPTION: Sailors from the Royal Australian Navy Band South Australia march along Jetty Road during the HMAS Glenelg Freedom of Entry parade.





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